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Band problems need help!

My band just told me they want 100% cash down now (it was 20% via credit card) and DEMANDED it and told me he ripped up my contract b/c the payment wasn't with the signed contract (I told him was I going to pay via paypal), and THEN hung up on me.

So needless to say, I need a band! I've already called Breezin' and they don't have anyone in my budget under $1500. Any recommendations? I want a Top 40 type of band. (Pop, rock, no cheesy music please).

Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Band problems need help!

  • M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    Have you tried looking people up on wedding wire and craigslist?
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  • amycannovaamycannova member
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    I would be so p/oed I'm hoping you get your money back right?
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    Luckily we were in the midst of paying the deposit when this all happened, so we're not out any money, but just so upsetting to have a such a big "check" completed and now we're back to square one! :(
  • Kristin789Kristin789 member
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    LATE NIGHT BRASS opened for Billy Joel/Elton John, and they've opened for Earth/Wind/Fire, Sting, Chicago, etc.

    They are REALLY good and really great fun. And amazingly enough, they are VERY affordable for local weddings because they think playing for weddings and festivals is really fun for them. They are one of the bands that made the final list to play Gov. Crist’s wedding in December 2008 at the Vinoy in
    St. Petersburg.

    The website has photos of the group in outfits from casual to very dressy, and it also has a bunch of sound files so you can hear them over the web on your computer.


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  • adamar15adamar15 member
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    Mojo Dragonfly did my wedding, and they did an awesome job!  They're on Facebook and MySpace.
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  • LuckyHeatherLuckyHeather member
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    Jason Young Band is playing at my wedding.  They are fabulous, and gave me some of their CDs to listen to until the wedding.  They are on facebook and myspace, and they play at the Hard Rock Tampa on Fridays or Saturdays (can't remember).
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    Thank you so much ladies!
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    I am sorry that you re having these kind of problems at this time.  

    We are a duo who has been working for Carnival Cruise Lines for the last 13 years and are now working on land. We have experience with a wide variety of audiences as well as a wide variety of music including, but not limited to blues, classic rock, southern rock, country, motown, etc. We are full time professional musicians, NOT karaoke entertainers.

    I play electric violin\fiddle, keyboards, and guitar. My partner plays lead guitar. We are both lead vocalists. You can get more info at

    We have professional equipment and attitude.   I think that you would be very happy with the outcome on this special day.

     Please feel free to call or email me. If we are not what you are looking for, or if we are already booked on the day of your wedding, I will try to help you find a band.

    All the best, 
     Stephanie Fisher

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