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Rustic wedding!

I live in fort Myers, and was wondering if anyone knew of some places for me to check out. I would really love the whole barn theme, and huge oak trees!
And we are on a tight budget so it's a little more tricky to find.
Thank you!

Re: Rustic wedding!

  • Think it's called the Burroughs home. It's gorg!!
  • Lange farm and barring ton hills will give you that look
  • We checked at Lange and Barrington, and they were a little pricy, but they also booked up QUICK!  We tried to find options with these two 10+ months out, and all 3 of the Satrudays we had as possibilities they had booked.

    For rustic, I would also try Cross Creek Ranch:

    A friend of mine got married there a few years ago, and I think they paid $8K total for the entire wedding, including food/ drink/ decorations, etc...  But the guy is also a good budgetter.  Anyway, I would give them a try...

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