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Anybody doing real flower pomanders?

I want to have real pomanders hanging from the chairs when I walk down the isle.  I was going to just buy some fake ones.  But does anybody know of a florist that can make them for cheap?  Thanks!

edit: in the Tampa area!

Re: Anybody doing real flower pomanders?

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    Honestly, they take sooo much time.  I made silk ones for my centerpieces months in advance and I cannot imagine putting that much effort in to real ones just for them to wither after a few days.  It takes a ton of lowers to cover each ball, so they are going to be pretty pricey everywhere.  

    The silk ones can actually look realy good!  Most people won't even notice, especially if you're only going to use them for the ceremony.  If you don't want to make them yourself I'd recommend buying the silk ones from Etsy.  There are some really great shops that make them very realistic looking :)  HTH!
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    I purchased a real one (made with carnations) for my flower girl to hold and it was about $20. I only needed one so it wasn't a big deal but I wouldn't recommend it for decorations.
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    I tried to make my pommanders out of silk flowers due to my budget. If you want to line your aisle with pommanders, you could be looking at alot of money. I made these pommanders with flower accents for my upcoming April wedding, and they were pretty simple. I could make them in any size and many color combinations if you like them. My FI LOVED THEM! I had one made of just cream colored flowers and the other ones, and he said hands down, my custom ones were soo much better. Here's a picture, let me know what you think!

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    Those are awesome, skyblue!!  I'll send you a pm
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