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Gotta be kidding me!

okay so today the hubs and i go to put our down payment down and there is a couple there booking are date... which is fine becuz they have 3 rooms but they also picked our time for the ceremony!!!! UGH, i knew i should have gone earlier!

Anywho, i dont want to start cocktail hour at 8 pm cuz that would make the reception from 9 - 1 and thats too late for some of my guest and children! so what do u ladies think about doing coctail hour before everything?? I start cocktail hour at 6:30 go until 7:20 start ceremony at 7:30 that way we can stil start reception at 8 and done by 12!

Re: Gotta be kidding me!

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    Will you do pictures before the ceremony then? Usually you do your pictures during the cocktail hour. If you don't mind seeing your FI before the ceremony, you could do your pics then and it would work out.
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    Having the cocktail hour first be good for hungry guests, so they won't have to wait until 8pm to eat. As PP said, as long as you take pictures first, you could make it work.

    Another option would be to have your ceremony before the other couple's ceremony....
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    ya my hubs just wants to do it earlier.... but hes a guy and it only takes him 30 mins to get dressed.... us women might need that extra hour! But he really wants he night to end at 11pm so we wont fall asleep on each other as soon as we get to our hotel!
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    if you skip the cocktail hour- sure.  My sister did that, she had a cocktail party, showed up 45 minutes into it, got married, finished the party.  But she wasn't at the cocktail party mingling- if you are going to mingle, etc?  I wouldn't do it that way.  
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    on no we would take pics during that time!
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