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Sarasota Venue - Selby Gardens?

Hi Ladies,

My sister will be getting married at Selby Gardens, and I'm one of the bridesmaids. I was looking at the Selby Gardens website to try to start thinking of ways to decorate, etc in the Great Room, but they don't have many pictures.

Is anyone on here using (or already used) that venue? Any recommendations or pictures?


Re: Sarasota Venue - Selby Gardens?

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    Moonstone did!  Here is a link to her planning bio (which links to her married bio)

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    ETA:  Here is our wedding video sneak peak! http://twv.typepad.com/twv/2010/02/carolyn-and-david-february-6-2010.html

    Yay.  So happy to see another Selby Bride.  Ask any questions you have.  I'm happy to help. 

    If I can offer my recomendations:
    If you are having the reception in the great room, hire Affairs in the Air to do the full ceiling drapes, behind the bride+groom table full panel covers, rent trees with lights, etc.  That room is pretty blah! so the more the better.  It was pricey to decorate it, but well worth every penny!!!!

    Keep the decor, linens, flowers, etc very light in the reception room. I used white linens and white chivari chairs.  They looked great. 

    We kept our ceremony very simple.  We had no flowers at the alter.  We used chivari chairs which were moved to the reception. 

    Milan Catering was AMAZING!  Roberta and Kayla were great to work with.  People are still talking about the food. 

    Our cocktail hour musician was great.  I found him playing a cocktail hour at Hotel Indigo in town.  He is a one man show and really fun (and cheap!).  Our guests love him... although H and I didn't get to enjoy any of it. 

    Here are our photos from our photographer's blog:

    And the slideshow: http://www.dawnhaas.com/Slideshows/C&DWedding/

    Let me know if you have any questions.  I'm happy to help. 
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    Thank you for sharing!
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    I am getting married there in a few weeks! And Moonstone you commented on one of my early posts about Milan....they have been great so far!

    We are draping the back brick wall but not the ceiling. The ceiling would be an extra $1,100 to drape so we said forget it. We are just going to draw attention to tall centerpieces to fill the room and low lighting provided by our DJ to draw attention away from the um, interesting ceiling.

    We are going to fill the room with 6' tall areca or cat palms purchased through and delivered by Lowes. Selby is even letting us donate several of them so we don't have to haul every one out of the place that night. We can also come back and get them the next day (WP will be helping with that as we have not asked them to do much for us other than attire and show up).

    We also chose chivari chairs as I consider them more than just a place to sit...they are decor. we will only be using rose petals and some flowers tied to the chairs for our wedding under the oak.

     Oh and we will not use the 10 commandments-err, I mean the divider in front of the bathroom. We don't care of people can be seen walking into the bathroom and it is less confusing for older guests. It really draws your eye toward it.

    They also have lattice dividers that we refuse to use as, well they are very 1980's and I can't think of any ways to make them look good BUT some people have managed to do so.

    Good luck! And congrats....you have picked a beautiful venue...then again I may be biased. :)

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    How much do you think your whole wedding cost? Think about having a wedding there but not sure, Did you have to bring your own flowers for the wedding
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    We are having our wedding outside the mansion on the grounds.I'm using Milan catering and currently I'm talking to affairs in the air to string cafe lights over the tables. Has anyone had their reception outside the mansion at the Selby?
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