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wedding reviews very long

Hilton- Downtown St.Petersburg- D 


When I first looked at this Venue, I fell in love with the room and the hotel itself Is very nice. I met the coordinator and she was amazing…she quickly made a contract and we signed it. Everything was going great. Emails were being responded quickly, easy to get a hold of the coordinator. Until one day I wrote and email to her and I got a response from someone new letting me know that she is now the new coordinator because the lady before left, I freaked out and said we need to meet, At our meeting we find out that our contract is all wrong including our date and we were not paying for a coordinator fee because the coordinator before promised us that she will take care of everything. This new lady made us aware that if I wanted anything done for coordination I would have to pay for the fee and she will take care of it. So we redid the contract and paid for the fee. Shortly after that emails took a lot longer to get responded. Closer to the wedding we met again and I gave her step-by-step directions for everything that had to be done. A meeting was scheduled a few days before the wedding for any final decisions. Everything seems perfect. On the day of my wedding day I had my vendors ready to go I called the coordinators office and she was not there, I called the front desk and asked for her and I was told It was Saturday and she did not work that day. I asked to speak to someone in charge about my wedding. Another lady came and spoke to me and told me that my coordinator would be there, and also to open her office since all of my items were in her office and my vendors were ready to set them up like my flowers. The room looked fantastic. I had 3 kids that were in a hotel room with a babysitter and I had mentioned to the coordinator that the kids were to be fed in their rooms, she said it would all be taken care of. I later found out  that they kids were never fed. There was not table for the gifts, my mother had to ask for a table and put it there. The gifts were supposed to be moved to our room after the cocktail hour that was never done. During my reception the coordination tells me that my vendors brought a few extra people with them and since it was not on the contract about them getting food she sent them to McDonalds. I told her that she needed to go find them and feed all of my vendors. The coordinator sent a cousin of mine to find the vendors and tell them that they would be fed. When it was time for us to cut the cake, there was no plate there for us. There was about 100 guest and I ordered a cake for about 165 people, I would have expected to have a lot of cake left over and when my mom went to get the left over cake she was told that the cake was thrown away, my mom asked why she said because she didn’t think anyone would want it. And half way through my reception the coordinator left. So overall I am not happy with their way of handling my wedding. I would not recommend them because you don’t know how things will turn out.


April Patterson and Scott Patterson, Life’s Highlights- Photography- A++


I can’t say enough about how amazing they both were at my wedding; they went above and beyond to help us out. Being there on time to take pictures of us getting ready to giving my bridesmaid some Motrin because she had a headache. She always emailed me back very quick, called me to make sure that everything was ready for wedding. Their work is amazing; these pictures are the best pictures I have ever seen. Both are very artistic and creative which shows in their work. I would recommend them to anyone because you will not regret that you chose them.


Michael Lofaro, The rhythm of the night- DJ- A++


I can't even explain how amazing Michael and his wife are. They are amazing. Very professional, punctual, respond quickly to emails and know how make a party and have the guest enjoy themselves. My lighting that was provided by Michael was amazing; the room was so beautiful I was shocked. Michael looks out for his brides and takes excellent care of them. My guests are still talking about how great my DJ was. My fiancé never danced so much in his life. I could keep going about how great Michael is and how thankful I am for him to be part of our wedding. Finding a DJ was the hardest thing for me because I wanted a mixture of music, Spanish, hip hop, country and dancing music and he did just that and more. I want to thank you for your hard work and I recommend Michael for any event. He knows how to get a party started.


Zee, A linen Valley- linens-  A++


Zee was great to work, he was so nice, showing me how the room will be set up to having the room set up the night before and the linens look amazing. He is very helpful, gives you ideas and helps you with your budget.


Flowers Gone wild- wholesale- A++


If you were planning on doing your own flowers I would highly recommend getting your fresh flowers and great quality from them. They have the best prices and they are very nice. Will explain to you how to treat the flowers and the best way to do the flowers. They were very helpful, I called them to answer some questions about my arrangements when were doing them and they were happy to help me out.


Priscilla Cruz- Destiny and Light- hair A


She was so great; she does amazing work her and her mother, very entertaining, always responded to my emails very quick. She was there on time and ready to get started, we did run out of time because she didn’t realize how much we needed to done so my aunt was left in the room to finish up and had to miss the beginning of the ceremony. But besides that she does a fantastic work. I highly recommend her.


Daisy- Alterations – A+++


Daisy is amazing, she does amazing work and she has great prices. She did my alterations much faster than she told me and she called me in a surprise telling me my dress was ready. I was so excited, and the dress was perfect.


 Imperial One- Limousine A++

Our limo driver was so  great, he went above and beyond to taking care of all of us. He carried my bouquet, fixed my train on my dress was very professional and a great company to deal with. They have great prices I would highly recommend them.


All star Limousine- A++

 They picked us up for our exit and took us for a long drive down the beach and downtown St. Pete, he was very nice and great company to deal with.

Re: wedding reviews very long

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    So sorry about your experience with the Hilton! I can't believe they had the nerve to throw away your cake. I'm glad everything else went well for your day!
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    OMG!  My mouth dropped to the floor several times -  first when she sent the extra vendors to McDonald's (she couldn't ask you or you mom if you wanted them fed?) and when you wrote that she threw the rest of your cake away!  EVERYBODY knows to at least save the top for your first wedding anniversary.

    I think you were way too generous when you gave them a D.  I'd suggest writing a letter to the manager of the hotel and tell him how disappointed you were!!!!!
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    I have a meeting on friday with the director of the sale department
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