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Does anyone has any experience with Bishop Planetarium as their reception venue?

Hi ladies!
   My fiance' and I have been attempting to contact the event coordinator to book the spanish plaza as our reception venue, however we have been unsuccessful.  I am totally frustrated.  I have left messages for the coordinator for the facility and we managed to get passes from a very helpful woman at the reception desk and do our own tour since we haven't been contacted by their coordinator.  We LOVE the plaza and I really have my heart set on using it.  We have obtained the available dates for the site from the receptionist, but they only book the venue through the coordinator.  Has anyone else had any experience with Bishop?  I know she's been in the office, and if this is any indication of how my event would be handled once booked then I hate to say it but I'll have to give up my hopes of holding my reception there :(  If anyone has had any experience please let me know!  I have a back up venue in mind, but I really have my heart set on the plaza.  Thanks guys!!!

Re: Does anyone has any experience with Bishop Planetarium as their reception venue?

  • I would find out who is in charge of the facility and contact them, asking if he or she can find out why your calls and/or emails have not been returned by the coordinator.

    Contacting the person's boss normally lights a fire under their chair.
  • That will be my next step.  I wanted to give her a few days but the weekend we chose for our wedding has been booked, along with 2 other weekends in the month, so I think going through her boss is necessary at this point.  We're willing to move the date for that location, but if it's going to be a hassel it's just not worth it.  
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