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Best Cakes in Tampa Bay?


I'm getting married in December, and I'm starting to look for cakes.

Has anyone had any good (or bad) experiences with cake makers in the Tampa Bay area?

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Re: Best Cakes in Tampa Bay?

  • teachermegsteachermegs member
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    I loved Let Them Eat Cake. A co-worker would get our end of the year cake from there.
    Not sure about the prices, but it was very good.
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    Cakes by Carolyn in St Pete! Cool
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  • babybchbumbabybchbum member
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    I loved my cake by Olympia Catering (use to be Olympia bakery until they expanded) Their prices are extremely reasonable as well.
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    O.M.G. at publix greenwise on azeele in south tampa. they are SO good, and they really were much less expensive than the other place we looked.

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    Depends what you're looking for. if you want something simple I've heard Cakes by Carolyn is great, but I had an awful experience with them. (it's in my blog).

    Publix is good most of the wedding I've been to have used them. I like Chocolate Pi in Tampa because they do really beutiful stuff, but they're pricey so I ended up going with a smaller bakery who hadn't done a wedding cake before.  
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  • Angie.LapkovAngie.Lapkov member
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    We had our cake made by a relative, but i agree with Publix, they make awesome cakes, talk to someone at the store and see what prices and styles they offer. Other then that i don't know much about cakes lol
  • mitchsbridemitchsbride member
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    My choices so far are Chocolate Pi and Olympia Catering.
  • jc04100657jc04100657 member
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    a piece of cake in tampa is amazing! 

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  • jtritchjtritch member
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    Let them Eat Cake was our baker - we had a different flavor on each tier because we couldn't decide.  It was beautiful, and we get a freshly made small cake on our 1-year anniversary, but honeslty I don't remember what it tasted like on our wedding day (did I even get cake?!).  The tasting though was great.

    We didn't do a very elaborate cake, and we did a 3-tiered square cake and it was about $500 with delivery if I'm not mistaken. 
  • adamar15adamar15 member
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    My Olympia cake tasted good, but they colored the frosting the wrong color, and it cracked a little bit between the layers.

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  • Kristin789Kristin789 member
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    Publix - excellent quality, decorated perfectly, only half the cost of the specialty bakeries.

    In my case, FI picked up the cake from the store so we didn't even have to pay for the delivery.  The Publix packed the cake the same way they would have packed it if they were transporting it, and they showed him how to take it out and set it up.  Then when he got to the venue, the dessert specialist on the venue's catering staff came out and set up the cake with FI.

    I know you didn't ask this, but we had all our flowers done by Publix also.  Beautiful, and 1/4th the cost of the specialty florists.  FI picked those up too, so no delivery charge.
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    Alessi's Bakery on Cypress is amazing.  they have a whole dessert section that is delicious
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    We used Chantilly in 2008.  They were very easy to deal with and the cake looked just like I wanted and tasted delicous!
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