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Ya know what really grinds my gears...

Sorry, I had to reference Family Guy right now, i am desperate for some humor!!

Let the vent begin: We have had our website up since February, our STD"s were out in March WITH the address to the website, our invitations went out Labor Dya with inserts to the website and directions, our due date was October 20th......we are STILL getting responses. 

In addition to this infuriating lateness we are also getting guest "write ins".  Like my 18 year old cousin who has been "seeing" someone for 2 months and has written him in as her guest.  Or my mom's friends from NJ who are coming with their daughter who HAS to bring her boyfriend.  AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  So were our total count was at 102 as of yesterday it has now risen to around 106....

4 more people would not be THAT big of a deal if i had not already made the seating chart (which took like 5 hours) but it's so frustrating.  ugh....i'm tired of wedding planning, i just want to be a wife to my husband at this point....

Anyone else not having a happy hump day???

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Re: Ya know what really grinds my gears...

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    Wow......feel free to vent, that all sounds like so much!  My hump day was not NEARLY as unhappy.  Just another rainy long day at work!  But I cannot believe people are writing in guests! ?  Ive heard of people doing that, but I honestly thought..."no way, i bet it never happens".  

    Yikes...hopefully you find out soon about those last minute stragglers.   Are you going to end up calling those who don't RSVP?  Im not quite sure how that works. 
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    TTNOLES:  Do mind me asking how many people you invited?  I realized we are both in the same boat (living in Mass...wedding in Florida) and was curious what percentage you are getting to make the trip?   Although you said your family is inFlorida?  How much of the guest list is out of town?   I am impressed you got 100 if most of them are!   I have invited 176, and ALL are out of town (except my parents and aunt who live in florida in the winter), so i really don't know what to expect.  Im hoping for 100????
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    Well keep all your fingers crossed! LOL!  We had about 80% OOT guests and we invited 183. I was hoping for no more then 120 and we are at 150 right now with a few RSVP's still unaccounted for. I guess everyone wants to come to Florida in November!!!! I can totally relate to your vent, too!
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    Lisa, that is INSANE!!!!  Kudos to you for dealing with that!!

    MBathey, we invited 180 and about 70% are OOT.  We have 106 attending and the only ones NOt attending are OOT.  I thought we would have around 90 but like Lisa said above I guess people really want to come to FL in November.
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    Call me bitchy but I'm going to be one of those brides that is going to call them back and say "um...no sorry you can't write in some random person as your date". Sorry, but I think it's crazy for people to just assume they can invite randoms to your wedding! My friend's fiance's cousin scribbled +8 next to the 'will be attending' box. She wanted to invite her new boyfriend and some friends to come to the party!

    Sorry you have to go through this frustration. Wedding planning can be kind of painful sometimes :-/
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    LOL. I can totally relate. My RSVP due date is in 2 days, and I'm still waiting on 25 responses. It's unbelievable. Our wedding is small as it is, so it just makes me so angry when people can't mail a simple pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope. I'm in law school so finding the time to track down all these people is going to make me insane. Plus, I have an A and B list (B list will go out in a month to fill in those that can't go) so for those that don't bother to respond, period, is really going to make things interesting. 
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    Tara...omg I don't miss this part of things.  yes I had people 5 days before the wedding decide they are bringing a date and not ask, just TELL me that they are coming now.

    That one guest who is 22 years old, sat at table not with his date, but at an adult table where the youngest guests is 55.  I was not about to go back and redo my table assignements.  I felt satisfied and justified in what I did.  That will teach them for the next wedding not to do that to someone.

    You must find humor in these little things or you will go insane.
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