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So the hubs and I agree on the Sheraton river walk... We love the all inclusive prices and how u can look out the windows into the water without sand! I mean I love sand but we want a high scale look not a beachy scene!

we also bumbed up the date 2 months so its not so close to Thanksgiving... so out new date is Sept. 1, 2012

Last but not least we decided to do our honeymoon in italy for 2 weeks which also is during his bday :)

 We are off to a great start and I am excited to start this journey :)

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    Congrats, you must be excited to have a so many decisions made!
    We also selected Italy for our honeymoon, but we'll be going in the spring. Great minds think alike!
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    That is so exciting to get things knocked out so quickly! GL
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    Yes KTWISH great minds do think alike :)  It feel great that he agrees with a lot of my ideas and he even has a grooms notebook where he jots down things he wants to put in the wedding... its too cute he decorated and came up with the idea all on his own! LOL! SO far all he wants for sure is a Xbox 360 or mario grooms cake! Ya hes a freakin gamer, LOL!

    If u ladies come across any ideas or pics of a hollywood glam wedding let me know :)
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