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Bathroom Trailers

Who would ever have thought that planning a nice wedding at my parents house...I'd have to think about bathrooms?

The more I think about it and at the strong recommendation from my planner, I'm research Bathroom Trailer companies.  Can anyone recommend a place?  What kind of costs are you looking at. 

My wedding is about 80 people.  So I was thinking 2-3 stall trailers.


Re: Bathroom Trailers

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    OMG!! ME TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  My parents found a couple companies.  Apparently the woman they talked to said they would need a 2 stall one for our amount (100 ppl).  I have to find out what the company is, but they are SUPER nice.  Like, ridiculously nice port-a-potties!!! 
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    My venue only has one bathroom...and the venue can hold 200 people! Now, that's craziness! I am not planning on renting any bathroom trailers... I'm not sure they would even allow it!
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