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The Rusty Pelican?

Someone mentioned to me that I should look here for our wedding, but I have never been there before, have any of you ladies been there? Is it tasty? Is it pretty? Are the views lovely? Has anyone had an even there? I saw on their site that there will be a bridal show something or other there in June, but I am impatient Tongue out

Re: The Rusty Pelican?

  • You should make an appointment and check out the place.  I've been there several times for weddings and it's lovely.
  • I went there for a wedding last march. It was great food, and a great view from both the reception and cocktail hour areas. There is typically more than one wedding though, so that is something to consider. Also, the wedding we attended was outside by the gazebo, and there were jet skiers and boats riding by. Not only could you see them quite well, but they could be heard very loudly. Other than that we had a great time, and the place is beautiful. 
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  • Ok I think I will check that out, I just found out today that the place I just got a job at has a christmas party there every year and my new co workers say its awesome

  • We're getting married there in September!!  We think the location is GREAT!  The views are amazing and it doesnt have that typical catering hall feel!  So far they have been great to work with and very organized!  The food tasting was good and I always hear positive things about it so we definitely think we made the right choice!  And the price is hard to beat for all that we wanted!  Good Luck!
  • My fiancé sister got married there last year and it was awesome! No complaints. I would go there if she didn't use that venue
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    We eat there often and the food and service is fantastic. Never been to a wedding there, but have eaten while they have taken place. It is gorgeous outside where they do the ceremony. We met with someone there a couple of weeks ago to consider for our wedding reception (we are getting married in the Church). We decided against it because there could be multiple events going on at the same time, the inside event room for our 70 guests was in the back and you have to pass through a narrow hallway by the kitchen and then the main dining area to go to the restrooms, and they have a minimum amount you must spend on the meal and their vendors for each room. While I am sure they have quality vendors, you cannot see their list until you sign a contract and pay a deposit.
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