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Dresses! Are in!!Pic Updated8/18/2010

Due to her privacy label I had to take dress pic down.:-( Youll get to see after the wedding. So sorry but i can aleast show this. my big sister showing all her work.

My girls brides maid dressed are in!!!!!!My big sister custom made each dress she has to make( 5)and one reception dress for me so far 4 is done waiting on one sister who is PG to have her baby LOL  but anyways its sooooooooo Beauitful!! and she's working on my reception dress npw!! OMG!! I was nervous about at first but WOW!!  ohh I do hope the dress fit them and that they measured correctly. All the girls are from all over the country and my big sister in  Colorado. Its amazing what she can do! She's the BEST!! It looks even more stunning in person!

these bridal dress has had 4 changes before we decide this was the one. my poor sister I dont know how she put up with me. she stetched then she made one on a barbie (barbie hang on the side) then we changed it and then changed it again lol Im glad we made the changes. its Perfect!

Re: Dresses! Are in!!Pic Updated8/18/2010

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