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New Around Here :)

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the message boards on here. Just got engaged New Years Eve! Just starting to plan and feeling the stress already. Looking forward to finding alot of advice on here. Thanks in advance!

Just a few questions: How do I know if someone responds to a post that I reply on? Or responds to a PM that I send them? Also what does FI mean?  I get that FH means future husband, but there are a few other acronyms I haven't figured out yet.

Let me know if there's any other things I need to know since I've been reading up on here just about every day! :) 

Re: New Around Here :)

  • LuckyHeatherLuckyHeather member
    edited January 2012

    Welcome.  :)

    FI is Fiance.  There is an acronym sticky (I believe its in the May 2012 board) which helped me a TON.

    You can click on the "Threads I'm Watching" to the left, and see the threads you have posted or commented in.

    There isn't an easy way to see PMs, so most girls post an eye catcher on the board letting you know to check your PMs.

    This board has been very useful getting information, and seeing reviews.  Good luck, be patient and if there's anything you need to know, post it. 

    Congratulations on your engagement!!

  • Thanks!! I will check out the sticky note and try to get the hang of this! :)
  • You can also click on the "Email Replies" above your subject header. That way, you'll get an email in your inbox when people write back! Good luck -- the beginning is stressful only because there are so many options to choose from and so many pieces in play. Once you nail down a few major things (with the help of this board!), you'll feel GREAT!  Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!
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  • Thanks Ellentravis! :)
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