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Help! who has cake stand creativity?

Hi everyone,
We have decided to use 6" cakes as centerpieces. I know it's not a brand new idea, but it is a little different. I have a notorious sweet tooth and we are extremely excited to infuse our personality into the reception. Plus it will allow us to have as many flavors as we want!
Now the hard part, figuring out cake stands for 6" cakes. We're looking for something affordable and fun. We'll probably need 15 cake stands, but I need help getting my creative mojo flowing! I don't mind having to put some time & effort into them, I'm not not sure where to start.
We're looking for various heights & styles. We can buy ready-to-go or add decorations ourselves. I just need some help getting creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Help! who has cake stand creativity?

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