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Monday Morning Entertainment... NWR (long)

So.... we finally moved the last bit of junk from our apartment to our new house. The very last piece of furniture was a humongous TV that I have had for like 10 years. It is a 52" beast that stands about 5 feet tall and 4 feet deep (picture old school BIG TV). It's not super heavy, but HUGE and awkward to carry.

Kevin and I lug this monster all the way down the stairs (apartment was on the 2nd floor) on stair at a time, all the while cursing him left and right because I can barely get my feet on the stairs under the TV, trying not to let the screen crash into the wall, using my head to balance it and straining my back. It was a nightmare.

When we finally got the darn thing to the bottom, we realized that it didn't fit in our Ford Edge. Tried sideways, crooked, upside down... you name it. It was NOT going in the car. I seriously could have killed him. If I had the car keys, I might have ran him and the darn TV over. I told him to start calling everyone he knew with a truck- if he wanted to keep the TV then HE could figure out how to get it to the house. Of course no one was going to drop their Sat night plans to help us move a 10 year old TV. lol. After about an hour he found someone who could help us on Sunday. Freaking awesome.

So... I'm sure you can imagine what happened next... we had to reverse the whole circus and carry the blessed TV back UP the stairs... which was even more fun than carrying it down.

Moral of the story: If you want to have a long and happy marriage... NEVER attempt to move furniture with your spouse.
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Re: Monday Morning Entertainment... NWR (long)

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    Haaaaahahahaha. OMG do I ever know how that goes! With my ex I got lucky cuz he had big football player lookin friends who would have actually kissed my bare a$$ had I asked. But with Josh...hes as big as they come. Moving out of moms basement and into our house was hell.

    We actually had a similar experience with an old school treadmill. Up 2 floors and mom was not happy and we had to bring it right back down. Ugly.

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    Lesson learned...moving men are PRICELESS!!!

  • sbolger17sbolger17 member
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    I just moved this weekend!  It was an ordeal; I totally get where you're coming from!

    Almost everything is unpacked and put away; I just have a little more to do tonight.  And some more cleaning.  (It was DEFINITELY not cleaned before we moved in.  And there's a musty smell that I'm hoping will go away after I finish cleaning...I just read some bad things about musty smells online so I'm a little worried.)
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    Moving is one of my least favorite things to do in the world. The worst was a couple of years ago when we lived on the top floor of an old row house with a narrow rickety stairway. I seriously thought someone was going to die when we were moving.
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    Wow, that really sucks.  I do not miss having stairs at all!
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