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Anyone in school?

Next Tuesday starts the first day of the next 4 years toward my Masters degree. I graduated with my BA in Psych in 2007 and could never seem to get myself back on track. About a year ago I got an office postion at SU which allows me to go back to school PT for free...who can resist that?! Of course now Im planning my wedding (which happens to be 2 weeks after spring finals) while working FT and going to school PT. Anyone else in the same boat?? Im praying for the least bumpy of rides!

Re: Anyone in school?

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    I am!!!

    I work full time days at a hospital (0730-4pm)and go to school at Crouse at night.  I t is brutal!  I get out of class at 8ish on Monday Tuesday and 11 (after clinical) on Wednesday Thursday.  Ahh!!!
    I will be getting married approx 2 weeks after my finals, too.  I spent almost this whole summer trying to knock out my lists, appointments and DIY projects, so hopefully the school year won't be too crazy, but I am a little nervous about the last few months.

    But, hey, if nothing else... it will make the time go by so much faster, right?
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    I havent done the work/school thing yet so Im getting a little nervous. My schedual isn't quite as bad as yours, M & T 630-930...but Ive got royal ADD which kills studying, especially with a boxer puppy and fun-lovin FI at home.  But FI knows and fully supports the silence Im going to be needing often.

    I did the same with my wedding this summer. I keep hearing about how ahead of schedule I am and all I can think is 'but I'm gunna get hit with school AND work and the wedding will be pushed back a bit'. So Ive got a lot of my major stuff done, and what isn't done, I know who Im going to and just havent signed contracts...with the exception of my photographer.

    Good Luck with the school year!
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    I'm about to start my next-to-last semester of my Masters program in urban and regional planning, and it will be the worst:  10 credits, getting out at 10pm with a 2-hour drive each way.  I live and work in Delhi, go to school in Albany, I'm getting married in Cortland, my reception is in Marathon, and my dress fittings are all in Syracuse.

    I've obsessed over everything I can possibly obsess over so that all I have to do is DO the things on my to-do list.  My courses and work schedule won't allow me to spend all my time on the Knot anymore.  ;)  Decisions are made, and I have 31 days to punch tin can lanterns, make the wedding program, finish off the seating chart, print seating cards, meet with the DJ, and get my dress altered.  Oh...and purchase wine, which I anticipate will be a VERY fun day indeed.  :)  I'll probably be doing some "research" on wine at the liquor stores in Syracuse this Saturday while I wait for my dress fitting appt.

    My wedding is in the middle of the semester, before midterms, so at least I don't have to worry about exams.  The honeymoon, however, is waiting until after I graduate in May.  Double celebration at that time!

    Good luck with your classes and work and preparing for your wedding.  It'll be a PITA, but you can do it and you'll come out the other side even stronger.

    (Hooray for supportive fiances!)
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    Wow KLJ! I just became exausted listening to everything you do for school/wedding. Youre all over the place! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and graduation! Where/when are you honeymooning?? FI and I are going to Ocho Rios, Jamaica  5/23-5/30. So excited!!

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    Oooh, Jamaica sounds nice!  We're thinking about doing a Caribbean cruise someday, but probably not for our honeymoon.  I don't know if we're going on ours in May or June yet, and we're trying to decide between Lake Placid (easy, cheaper, and relaxing) or Vancouver (new, exciting, adventurous, but more expensive).  Either way, I won't have any homework or "real" work to worry about, so it'll be wonderful!!!  Smile
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    I'm in school until the end of this month. Then I graduate with a BA in Graphic Design and move back to Syracuse. It's been a stressful few months.
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