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Anyone getting married or have gotten married at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid?  How has your experience been so far?  Im getting married there in October.  Was just curious to see what others are doing?


  • I'm in Lake Placid all the time, but haven't known anyone that has been married there. We considered the Crowne Plaza golf course for a DW, but it turned out to be too pricy, especially in the fall.

    The WFL is out of our "region" so to say, so you might want to ask on the CNY board.

    I'm sure you'll have a great wedding-- it's fall in the ADK! Enjoy!
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  • I'm not getting married there or anything but I wanted to say that did stay there (with an ex, bleh) and it was awesome and amazing! What a great spot for a wedding! Good luck!!
  • Thanks ladies for your input...I can't wait until the wedding to see how it will actually be..  @JN382..thanks for letting me know I was on the wrong page, had no idea!!
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