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We are having a large rehersal dinner. I would estimate about 75 people. Both families are large and my FI family is coming from MD for the wedding so we want to include them all. Do you have any ideas for places that house that many people? We would like it to be within 10 minutes of Syracuse if not right in the city since most of our guests will be staying at the Genesee Grande Hotel!

Any advice would be appreciated!

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    There are tons of places... it depends on what kind of food/atmosphere you are going for. 
    Kev and I are actually doing a cookout at the Glenora vineyard (much farther from Syracuse than you are looking to go) as a rehearsal/welcome dinner for all of our out of town guests.  If you were to look into picnics/cookouts, you could find tons of places that can host a fun, personal, laid back atmosphere... and save a bunch of money in the process..
    Some other places might be Dinosaur BBQ (awesome, laid back, amazing food).  Borios, Justins, PJ Dorseys (has a really beautiful private room with fireplace adn the works... pricey though).  You could also check with the hotel to see if they have an alternative banquet room... but I think most guests would want to go somewhere different... since they will be spending lots of hours there for the reception.
    If you could give us an idea the style/ type of food and budget, we might be able to throw some mroe specific ideas out there, but I hope this is a good start.
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    Genesse grand has the restaurant right inside of it the 1006. Like pp said there are a ton of places... in addition to the good choices she listed above theres also The mission (mexican food), Empire brewing, the zoo even does small banquets! also traditions on the links if anyone likes to golf!
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    We are having ours at the Dinosaur. The upstairs room is surprisingly beautiful! It's really gorgeous in there and the food is obviously great! It's also pretty affordable too!

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    Thank you for all the suggestions... We are heading up to Syracuse next weekend to hopefully book something. My FI's family is paying for it and they aren't really worried about price. They want something nice to "Wow" the guests but we are really open to ANYTHING!!!!
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    We're also having a large rehearsal dinner.. probably about 50 people.  We're doing a Clam Bake at Glen Loch Inn.  They do indoor adn outdoor events, and for a nice laid back event, it is a lot less costly than taking 50 people out to dinner!
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