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I'm looking for either a loft space or historic house in the Rochester, NY area that can accomodate 150-175 guests. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    In the city of Rochester is the Rochester Club Ballroom, which was built in the late 1800's, and it's very elegant, and still has a Victorian feel. If you're open to moving to the suburbs, in Fairport there's the Green Lantern Inn, where I'm having my wedding! Its a beautiful historic landmark house, built in the Victorian era. It's larger ballroom can fit your wedding size. Good luck!!
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    Green Lantern Inn, in Beautiful Fairport, NY!
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    you can also look into Colgate- the old Davinity School. It's old and really pretty
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    That's so funny my office on the Colgate Divinity School campus! I have never been on this board before and this is the first post I read! Weird!

    Anyways - I agree that it's a beautiful place! There's an old chapel and a big ballroom. We call the place Hogwarts actually :-) Plus you can see all the way to Bristol Mountain! I'm so lucky I work there!!

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    Im also looking for a place to have both the wedding and the reception for my 2012 wedding. I live in Clyde,ny which is between Rochester & Syracuse but we have family coming from both. We would like an outdoor wedding and indoor reception. Any ideas?
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