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Hair and Makeup panick...

Im panicking...
So several months ago I called and spoke with Danette about getting my hair and makeup done on my wedding day and talked prices and reserved the day and was told to call back in August for hair trials.
I just called and Beverly told me Danette wasnt in and wanted me to know that the price I was quoted would be doubling since it was a Sunday wedding.  I cant afford doubling for hair and makeup. I know I should probably not freak out and wait to talk to Danette on Tuesday when she is back but Im freakin out....
Emierose I remember you saying something about this Beverly person should I stop panicking and wait to speak with Danette? Or should I start calling somewhere else? Any suggestions for hair and makeup in geneva? 
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Re: Hair and Makeup panick...

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    Ah!  That sucks and is a horrible way to run a business.  Was there anything in writing or did you put down any deposit at the other price?  I agree, wait to speak to Danette before making any decisions.
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    wait to talk to Danette!
     I wouldn't worry about it quite yet. Danette gave you a quote, and she's always been really great about her word. I never ever ever ever schedule with, or talk prices with, anyone else there, and always wait to speak to her directly.
    For example, I was told that I couldn't get in with Danette for a hair color for two weeks.. but she called me back herself and got me in on the exact day I wanted.. so...
    Take a deep breath, speak to her on Tuesday and hopefully it all works out.
    However, if you don't have anything in writing, that is going to be difficult for anyone to remember what you were quoted originally. If you didn't learn this lesson, like I myself did with my venue, make sure you always get things in writing moving forward, including quotes.

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    and feel free to page me in a new thread (this gets my attention quicker, as I'm not on here as actively now) if you have any issues or need a new referral.
    I have another idea of a MUA who travels and does hair, but not sure if that will be more expensive than your quote.
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