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So it begins

Today I am going to the local SS office to get my name changed! YAY! I guess my HR needs proof in the SS card that I changed my name, the marriage certificate isn't good enough I guess.

I just wish the SS office was open earlier, I have to wait to almost 9 to leave. Hopefully it doesn't take too long, as I still have to work.
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Re: So it begins

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    Yay!! Have fun! Hopefully it won't take as long as say, the DMV. These places can be a pain sometimes :-(
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    Good luck, hopefully all the changes go smoothly for you and you aren't stuck there all day!
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    Good luck!  I did mine on Monday, as soon as I got the marriage certificate in the mail.  It didn't take long at all in Ithaca. 

    Right now I have no photo ID as I only have a temporary license (piece of paper) and I sent in my passport to be renewed as well.  Hopefully no one cards me on our minimoon this weekend!  Now I'm in the process of updating everything else (credit cards, bank, etc) -- some are really easy and some require all sorts of proof.

    Still weird to think that my name is different now...
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    The SS office wasn't bad at all, I got in right when they opened, and my number got called right away. I had time and went to the DMV, but unfortunately their systems were down and I didn't want to wait. :( So I'm going to try next week and go. I should do my passport, but we're not planning to go anywhere right now, and it would cost me a lot. :( I updated one thing else, I faxed a copy of the marriage certificate to my student loan company, and Saturday I'm changing my name at the bank. It is really weird Sarah! :)
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    ahhh... I need to go, problem is that they close at 3:30 here in Roc, so I can never make it!
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