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Groom on day of wedding??

So, I mentioned before that FI is trying not to have to miss any work since we will be gone for 9 days for our honeymoon. He is thinking about working the day of our wedding!!  At least half day. Our ceremony isn't until 8pm, so he figures he can work, go take a quick shower and be ready with plenty of time to spare.

Do you think this is logical? Or are there things that we're not considering? How early does the groom typically have to be at the venue?
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Re: Groom on day of wedding??

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    This is a tremendously bad idea. 

    I don't even know where to start.... can I shake him for you?

    He will have a lifetime of days left to work... spending the morning of his wedding on the job just doesn't seem like he is giving this one very special day all of the attention it deserves.

    He should spend the morning golfing, relaxing with his family/friends, soaking it all in, just like you.  You only get one day.... please please tell him not to waste 1/2 of it working.
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    I would tell him noooo way. I was mad because Chris won't take the day before off, but I'm paranoid and think he will break his finger or something on the job.
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    Oh no! I went through this too!!! No lie. FI said I'm working the day of our wedding and then i should be there by 1pm.

    Let;s just say he had a nice long time to think that over. I knew if he worked her wasn't going to show not a chance in heck was the boss gunna let him go. And his co-workers? Oh no. They would never let him leave by 11-12 to get ready by 1. Not a chance in heck. I knew better.

    But nope now it's I'm driving down the day of the wedding to my parents 3 hour drive. But he may get a hotel and stay there. We'll see but at least I did talk him out of working the day of.
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    OK good, I'm not the only one who thinks he's crazy! I realize that he doesn't have to go get his hair and makeup done and whatnot, and that the wedding is not til 8, but still.

    I will try and talk him out of it, and if it comes down to it, I will just log into his admin page and put that he's unavailable the whole day. Then if he gets to work he will be like hmmmm, where is everyone? And then just leave anyway :)
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