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    Your First Name: StaceyFI First Name: ChrisCity/Town: We live in Pavilion, NY, but he's from Nelliston, NY and I'm from Oneida, NY originallyReception Venue: Elks Lodge, Oneida, NYWedding Date: November 7, 2009How you met your FI: At college at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NYFavorite thing about planning: I get to be as creative as I wantLeast favorite thing about planning:  The time it takesRandom Fact:  I'm crappy at thinking of random facts
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    Your First Name: Christie FI First Name: Frank City/Town: Sherburne, NY Reception Venue: The Greystone Castle Wedding Date: October 10, 2009 How you met your FI: Through a mutual friend at happy hour Favorite thing about planning: all of it... it's been so much fun Least favorite thing about planning: that I can't use every idea I have Random Fact: My fiance is 20 years older than me but I click with him more than any other person in the world!
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