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Turning Stone

Anyone have any pictures of their turning stone wedding?

Re: Turning Stone

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    I don't have my professional photos yet but I do have some non-pro pics on my facebook profile. Feel free to add me if you want to check them out or ask any questions about TS! I had an amazing experience working with them. Emily Twomey Wilkinsky.
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    Cat- are you on facebook? email me at maria b 51452 at aol. 
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    Yup I'm on facebook- Caterina Bugge, Syracuse NY I keep meaning to add and email you guys but I'm at work and we're blocked on there. I'll look into it today on my lunch break! Thank you!
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    I was looking at the casino too. I used to work there and the ceremonies are all so beautiful. My FI and I are on a tight budget though. Can anyone give me a round about price for having a reception there?
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    lcorey - depends on whether you have it at the Shenedoah clubhouse or one of hte reception rooms.  Also it depends onthe menu selection.  I would say anywhere from 80 to 100 pp for basic menue
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