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Hiring out a bartender for the reception?

Hi ladies!

I'm having an outdoor reception next October and I was wondering if any of you knew how I could go about finding just a bartender for a night? I'm buying all of my own alcohol since it will be at a family residence, so I just need someone to pour the wine and beer! Any ideas??? TIA
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Re: Hiring out a bartender for the reception?

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    Are you looking for a pro or just someone to pour drinks for your guests?  If you are looking for a pro, you might want to ask around at some of your fav restaurants or bars.
    If you don't mind having anyone, I have 2 friends that are awesome coctail designers and I personally bartended for a few years before I moved up here.  If you need a hand, I would be happy to help out and I can ask Tess or Allision if they would mind giving me a hand.  Just let me know when your date is.
    You can also check with either your venue or catering company... they may have someone you can hire or someone they work with often and recommend.
    Good luck!
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    I think asking around at your fav bar or restaurant is a great idea. You could also post on craigslist (theres a section just for bartending/restaurant help wanted), and then you have a chance to interview people and get some references before hand if you feel comfortable with that.
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