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Hair question

Do the BM usually have a trial run for their hair?  One of my BM wants to have hers done the day of the bachelorette party.  My hairdresser already said that BM don't have a trial..just the bride.  Honestly..and this might sound a little selfish...I think that it will look a little crazy if everyone BUT the bride has their hair done that day.  My hairdresser said to do my trial within the last week so they can easily remember how it was done..and she is AMAZING (Grippe's) I trust her judgement.  So do I schedule for them to have thiers done that day????

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    BM's don't have a trial. If your friend wants her hair done so she can look pretty to go out and party, that's on her to schedule an up-do and pay for it, I would think.
    If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then maybe talk to her about it I would suggest - or else you ladies could all do each other's hair so you look cute to go out if that is really her motivation. GL!
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    Agree w/ emie (she is wise!)

    BMs don't need a trial.  Heck, some of my BMs didn't even get their hair professionally done for the wedding.  If she wants to have her hair done for the b-party... that's on her.  Personally, I think it sounds a bit overboard... but some girls are like that I guess.  I don't know why she would call it a "trial" though ad not just like... "hey, I think I'm going to get my hair done for your b-party"... kind of odd.

    If it bothers you, just talk to her.  If she's close enough to be a BM, you should be able to talk to her openly and honestly about this.  TBH, though... she's not going to outshine you.  You are the bride-to-be.  If anything, she may actually end up looking a little silly if she ends up all over-the-top done up and the rest of you ladies are casually dressed with normal hair and make-up.

    Bottom line, I wouldn't sweat it.  You'll look awesome anyway.  It's your day, your party.... no amount of hair spray or makeup on anyone else can cover that up.  Tongue out
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    Thanks are both very wise.  I know I have never had a trial when I was a BM...thought maybe I was missing something though!!!

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    Nope!  I've had my hair done for many things in the past and never had a trial except for my wedding.  I agree that if any of your BMs have their hair done for your B-party, they'll look silly.  If they're deadset on having trials done so be it, but you definitely don't have to pay for it.
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