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Officiant in Ithaca region?

We are "shopping around" for someone to marry us around Ithaca - we are planning a non-religious, fairly short ceremony. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Also, is it expected that the officiant will join you for the reception, or will they leave after the ceremony? And  how much do they typically charge? I had a quote from a Unitarian Reverend for $500, which seemed like way too much to me. Obviously it is the most central part of the day, but that is a lot of $$.

Re: Officiant in Ithaca region?

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    Check with the Cornell United Religious Work: -- they have many chaplains listed on there from all different religions and there is a full-time staff there that you can ask for recommendations as well.  They are apparently pretty flexible and are fairly ecumenical.

    I believe it is proper etiquette to invite the officiant and his/her spouse to the reception.
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