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Total newbie to this board and to the site!!

I grew up in a suburb of Syracuse, but I've lived in another state for about 12 years (ahhh that's crazy).  Most of my family is in the Rochester area.  I am driving myself crazy trying to decide whether I should get married in the place where my fiance and I live (making it harder on family), OR in my hometown, where most of our friends would have to travel to.

Is anyone here planning a wedding "long distance?"  I'm about a 5 hour drive from my parents, and I fear that if I get married there, or even somewhere in the Finger Lakes, it will be harder to pick a venue, vendors, etc.

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    I have seen lots of girls on the board that are planning from a distance.  I am sure it's a challenge, but nothing that you can't handle with the help of friends, family and frequent flyer miles.
    I would enlist as much help as you can get from locals that you trust and it may be worth your while to consider hiring a wedding coordinator/planner if the venue you decide on doesn't have one already.  They will know the ins and outs of all the wedding goodies in the area.

    We are planning our ceremony here in Syracuse where we live, but the reception will be in the Finger Lakes... an hour and a half away.  Not as bad as 5 hours, but I understand the stress a little as I am still totally clueless about bakers and DJs and all that stuff.  We have relied heavily on the wedding coordinator at Glenora to provide suggestions and advice and she has been wonderful!!!

    I would say to make your decision based on what feels comfortable to you.  If you are happy and comfortable where you live now, have a church or reception site you love- go for it!!!  Your friends and family will understand and will make it.  If your home town still feels like home and you would be happier having it there- do it!!!  Everything will fall into place somehow... it always does.  If you plan from a distance, I do have one big suggestion: make sure you really put a lot of thought into who you ask to be your bridesmaids, because you will really have to trust them and rely on them.  They can be your eyes and ears and planners when you are far away.

    I am sure everything will work out...  Make the decision for you and your future hubby.  The friends and family that matter will come no matter where you hold your wedding. 
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    I couldnt help you out with the distance, Im here and so is both of our friends and family...but I welcome you to the board!
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    I am in the same boat!!!!! I live in Baltimore and we are having our wedding in Syracuse. We were having a hard time deciding as well. We are having over 200 people and I would say all but 40 are traveling over 5 hours to come. People have been fine with it so far and my mother is MUCH happier had I decided somewhere else.

    The biggest deciding factor though was price! I could get more of the wedding I wanted at a price in our budget in Syracuse. We have been engaged since the 23rd of December and we are getting married in July. Giving extra time def. helps.

    The one thing to keep in mind is location and where guests will stay. When you have the majority of guests traveling... it is something to think about! For me... I wanted to have it as convienient as possible once they arrived. We are having it at the Genesee Grande Hotel and the church is about 10 minutes away. Our rehersal dinner is also right on the same street.... We looked into the Finger Lake region but I was starting to drive myself nuts because hotels were few and far between... I am sure you can make it work with the help of your family.

    Another idea is meeting in the middle..... we looked into this option but decided it wasn't for us! Hope this helps! Good luck!!!
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    i am doing the opposite.. i live in syracuse but everyone else is coming from GA PA and canada... we are having our reception at the NYS fair empire room and everyone is staying at the inn at the fairgrounds. they will shuttle from the reception to the hotel and vice versa.. def check out empire room. very affordable
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