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Signing off!

Hi ladies!

This is my official sign-off until I'm a Mrs.  :-)  I'm so excited!  Thank you so much for all of your help and advice over the past 9 months or so that I've been on this board.  You girls are the best!!  I'll come back and give you a full rundown early next week as we're not honeymooning for a little bit.

Today has been an absolutely exhausting day!  My mom and I finished the favors and it took way longer than anticipated.  Also, my FILs came and helped us at the end and also helped us put together the OOT bags.  That part was pretty easy since I already had them prepped.  Now I think I'm going to rest until the big family dinner tonight.

Have great weekends, everyone!  Please send me some good weather vibes; I still need 'em!!!

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