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Good morning ladies! How's everyone doing?

I got good news yesterday, FI's sister is pregnant!!! We are super excited for her since they have been trying for quite a while. It's funny because she actually found an app for her phone that she put her cycle info into and it told her when the best time to try and it worked for her! Crazy LOL

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    YAY!!! Thats so exciting! Do you have any nieces/nephews yet? FI has 6 nephews under the age of 4 and I couldnt love them more! I love that she figured it out through a phone app. Thats awesome.

    Im doin ok today. My back is still killing me...and the pain is gettin pretty old. Im over it already :/ But otherwise pretty good. Tomorrows my last day of work until Jan 4th! Woo!

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    Oh man I am jealous!!! I only have off Christmas eve and day, I was supposed to work Monday but I took that day off. I think my boss is still annoyed with me about that one lol.

    I don't have any nieces or nephews, this is the first one! My sister can't have children and neither can my 2 brothers (although the guys haven't been tested for infertility, it's pretty much a sure thing) I am so excited forher! She called from England yesterday to tell me and said I needed to get pregnant right after I get married so we can be pregnant together and the cousins will be the same age lol.

    That stinks about you back, hope it starts feeling better.
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    How exciting!  Congrats and best wishes to her for a healthy pregnancy!
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