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Dress Update

Here we go ladies... (you just might want to strangle me after this one...)
SO... yesteday, I drug my amazing, wonderful, super patient, understanding bridesmaid, Allison all over the city of Rochester... from dress shop to dress shop on a serious mission:  find "THE" dress.  (and by the way, I have one awesome recommendation for a dress shop:  Heart to Heart... so amazingly sweet and they include ALL alterations in the price of the gown.  A+++++  Belle Bride was ok.  Pretty much everyone else in Rochester sucks.  They were rude, snotty.  ANYWAYS...)
I found a few more dresses that I liked... none that I really loved.  At the end of the marathon dress shopping spree, we came back to Syracuse defeated... and decided to go back to New York Bride for about the 25th time.  I was hell bent on finding a dress and determined not to go home until I had the purchase order in my pocket.... bad idea.
I ended up trying on a dress by Private Label by G (which I think I have tried on in the past)... style 1369.  It had a little bit of everything that I had liked in other dresses... beading, embroidery, ruching, a cute butt and a detailed train.  No butterflies... no tears (remember I was the one who was convinced this was necessary in order to be certain you have the perfect dress... at least according to lots of other Knotties, friends, relatives, etc).  Anyway...
I bought it.
When I left the store, the alterations lady suggested that I go home and delete all of my other possible dress pics so I didn't second guess my decision.  I didn't even make it out of the store before I started my buyer's remorse.
I badgered Allision with about a billion questions all through dinner (she patiently tried to calm me down and kept a very positive, "I think you picked a beautiful dress" demeanor).
I got home and went to delete my old pics... I saw one of my original favorite dress (Casablanca 1859) and I burst into tears.  WHAT THE HELL??  Undecided
I have literally spent the past few months searching for a dress that would give me butterflies or make me emotional... I give up and just buy one.  THEN I get home and cry over the one I didn't buy.  I have issues.  lol.
The more I thought about it... the more I think I was (for some ridiculous reason) just trying to talk myself out of buying the Casablanca dress.  Then when I finally did, I was pretty upset.
My poor Fi didn't know what the heck to do.  I don't know what the heck to do. 
I am planning on calling NYB as soon as they open today to see if I can change my order... hopefully since i was there late last night they didn't actually place the order yet.  I feel like I am being such a pain and totally ridiculous over this whole thing.  I know they have very strict rules and no returns and all that stuff, but maybe... just maybe... they will let me switch.

Any thoughts ladies?

Is this not the most ridiculous dress dilemma?  It is SO nto typical me... I am usually very relaxed, easy going... not difficult.  Lol...  I don't know what is going on.

So... that was my lovely dress shopping day yesterday.  Glad it's Friday for sure.
I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!!
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