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last minute question

I know this is last minute, but I totally forgot and need some insight..

I have 5 HS musicians playing my wedding ceremony, do they need to be invited to the reception? Did you invite your ceremony musicians?

This is a P&R, as I'm off to bed...I will be back tomorrow

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Re: last minute question

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    I did not.  I only had the church musician and organist, but I did not invite them... I considered them vendors... like the baker and florist, ya know?  I did invite the priest, but he declined.... perhaps I should have invited the musicians?  I don't know the proper etiquette on that, TBH... but I really don't think you have to
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    I don't think that you have to invite the HS kids to the reception. They are only playing for the ceremony, are probably happy just ot be paid for it, and have plans for later that night. Also, if you're having open bar at your reception, that's 5 less people you have to worry about being served underage. 
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    Tough one. I think if you dont know them then its not necessary. My bff was a BM and her husband played guitar for my ceremony so obviously he was invited. HIS sister, whom I dont know, but had heard her sing alongside her brother on posted fb videos, sang 1 song at my ceremony. I did not invite her. I didn't know her. Although she never said anything to me about being paid I did plan on giving her something.

    Kicker: I had planned on giving her a giftcard (bff's suggestion) but chose not to when she walked in uninvited and told me "You must have forgotten my nametag so i hope its ok I pulled a chair up with my brother" (b/c no one asked me if she could stay and bff's H drove her). THEN she decides 45 min after dinner that she is hoooorribly hungover from prom the night before, in which she chose to not go to bed at all (!!!!) and demanded bff and bff's H take her home. She never got paid b/c as far as Im concerned her meal and her pulling BFF from my wedding was payment enough. Ugh /endrant

    My apologies, Im having one of those days.

    But yeah, if you dont know them, I wouldnt invite them. Theyre providing you a service, theyre not friends (unless they are?)

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    I didn't invite my ceremony musicians to the reception.  They're providing a service for us and then they're leaving; it's not like the vendors who'll be there the whole time that we need to feed.  We invited the minister and her husband as guests; I feel like that's pretty standard.
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    Ok, I figured. Thank you! I don't know them at all, I only saw them yesterday, so I guess I'll be good without inviting them.

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