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Best place to host a wedding website?

The guest list has been finalized. The save the date template has been chosen. Now I need to create a personal wedding website with accommodation and things to do information.

Our friends have used several different hosts (many seem to pick - none have jumped out at me. I'm looking for something that's free, easy to use and looks pretty :) Any suggestions?

Re: Best place to host a wedding website?

  • MelissaC315MelissaC315 member
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    I made mine on, it had pretty designs and was super easy
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    I used The Knot's website for my guests, but have also hosted a few websites on Weebly (Miss and Mrs bios)... and I like them both.

    Whatever you choose, go for something free.  There are tons of great free sites out there... there is no sense paying for it... for sure
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  • kpdorrkpdorr member
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    I used project wedding. I like their website in general and their templates have been really easy to use. You can also put in all your info, and then decide to change the template which is a nice feature. I didn't shop around, so maybe others are better, but I have gotten a lot of compliments.
  • bitofritsbitofrits member
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    edited December 2011 and are basically the same when it comes to user-friendliness and that sort of thing (they're both owned by the same parent company).  

    i had one with, but then saw a background on that I liked more.  I would suggest mainly those two sites and look at all the backgrounds, then just pick your favorite.  They don't let you create your own background unfortunately.  

    They both have guestlist planner help where you can have your list, put people into different groups, and let people RSVP online.  I think they have like 2 pages you can add that aren't their basic cookie-cutter ones (maybe more; I haven't finalized my website yet).  

    Whatever you do -- don't pay for it!  There are so many free options.
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    I would warn you against using The Knot website.  I used it and we had problems from the very beginning with the URL.  Half the time it would go directly to our site and half the time it would take you to The Knot homepage.  Sure, you can search on the homepage and get to it that way, but it's confusing for people that aren't that internet savvy.
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    I have mine on It's a breeze to use and the backgrounds are from the designers at Which means you can get cooresponding invites if you want. I've been really tempted...
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