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LaFayette Hill Country Club

A friend of mine booked the country club for her wedding and they're getting forclosed!  Even worse, they didn't even inform her -- she found out from someone else.  AND they're not returning her deposit!

I hope no one else has planned a reception there.
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Re: LaFayette Hill Country Club

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    Wow. Well it makes sense that she loses the deposit. If theyre being foreclosed its due to lack of $$, so there none to return. There should be something they can do though.

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    we looked there, so glad we didnt book with them now.  Maybe someone will buy, so she will still be able to have the wedding there.  

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    I guess they changed caterers a month after she booked, so anyone who booked with the new caterer... the caterer is refunding... unfortunately for her, she handed the deposit over to the country club.  Definitely bad luck... :(
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