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Mini Rant

I lurk on the Getting in Shape board a bit and Ive become very interested in Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (which I plan on going out to buy tomorrow) but I am s-o-o-o sick of the "losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise" response to EVERYTHING! I want to know how to shape my core. I have a mini keg I'd like to get rid of, but I dont see it as losing weight so much as toning my abs. But I know on a board like that the same questions are asked over and over so I lurk around and wait for others to ask.

Im sorry, but you cant get irritated when 10 people ask what exercise helps to tone your abs and every response you get is "eat better". Ok. I eat well. I have the occational bad day and yes I prefer diet pepsi over water, but I eat whole wheat everything, skim milk, etc....I want to exercise and I want to know what helps my abs....stop telling me to eat better. Ugh. I feel like theyre all freakin robots. Id rather be fat that a dang robot!

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Re: Mini Rant

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    Do crunches every hour.  If you can do 100... awesome.  If not, start out with 25 then 50 then 60... etc until you get to 100 every hour.  It really adds up and kind of gives you a nice little mini mental break during the day or work day or wedding planning day  (If you are near some stairs, you can sneak a quick cardio blast by running the stairs once every hour... great cardio)
    It sounds like a lot, but it should take you no more than 2-3 minutes.
    Doing a small amount spread out over the entire day can make a much bigger difference than spending 15-30 minutes a day focusing on your abs.
    Once you master 100 every hour, add in 30 seconds of the "plank"  at the 1/2 way point.
    I am really pretty good w/ how to cut weight b/c I used to be in charge of the "pork chop platoon" (as we so lovingly called it)... a group of Marines from my unit that were over the weight standards.  I had to help them cut weight so they didn't get kicked out.
    Like I said in a previous post... I would be thrilled to have a workout partner and I promise I can kick your butt!!!  =)  If you don't mind some tough love!

    Also-  I know you are sick of the whole "diet" issue... but the biggest simple change anyone can make is to completely cut out drinks other than water (soda, beer... I know... the idea is horrible)...
    but if you normally drink one soda per day... cutting it out and replacing it with good old H2O can save you up to 2000 calories a week!!! 
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    Wow, I didnt even the need the other board! I have my own Monica!! Thanks!

    We have a niiiice set of stairs at work and I have no real reason to go up there, so I use their bathroom (its also cleaner which is nice) but its a def workout.

    I do wanna workout with you, I just need to find the time. But Im trying to figure it out! I used to be a cheerleader in HS and my coach was one tough lovin biitch. I hated her and she hated me but Id kill to have her work my ass out again. She got me running 2 miles without the thought of stopping. It was great. And I could still do all the exercises b/c I remember them...but I dont have that biitch in my ear telling me she'd kick me off the team if I stopped haha

    People are inherently stupid. Weddings make it painfully obvious -- KevinandMonica
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