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Good morning, ladies!!!    What is your something...
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Re: Something...

  • edited December 2011
    Old: My grandfather made a small table for me & my sister before he died 5 yrs ago and I think Im gunna use it to hold the sand for our unity sand pouring.

    New: My new necklace from mom & dad! Dress, shoes, etc

    Borrowed: Do centerpieces count? I borrowed my FSILs centerpieces. She wants them back for other weddings

    Blue: My toenails :) Maybe Ill have gma put blue in my garter too.

    People are inherently stupid. Weddings make it painfully obvious -- KevinandMonica
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  • mgietler76mgietler76 member
    edited December 2011
    I know this is late, but.................

    Old? My mother's handkerchief wrapped around my bouquet, that she wrapped around her and my grandmother around hers.....

    New? Dress, shoes, veil blah blah blah

    Borrowed? MOH's earrings (maybe, not to sure yet)

    Blue? I got my veil custom made from an etsy seller and she attached a small blue rhinestone to the comb (unbeknownst to me, as a surprise) But I am also planning on carrying a small picture of mine and FI's dog. His name is Blue LOL
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