July 2012 Weddings

Numbers are IN!!

175 guests in attendance!

28 tables Guest Tables

168 chairs

33 Tables total including sweetheart, dj, bar, wedding cake and guest book-gift table

83 beef dishes

83 chicken dishes

10 Vegetarian dishes

27 Days til the shower-bach party


Seating chart is made and completed! So much is getting done and time is ticking down quickly!
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Re: Numbers are IN!!

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    Congrats for getting it all done and figured out already! I have a feeling it will take me a week or so to finalize table plans.

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    This may just be because its late, but how do you have 175 guests and only 168 chairs?
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    Wow! This is making me nervous! Haha. I'm good at crunching numbers but it can get stressful!
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    Why do you have so many tables...are you doing smaller tables? I was just assuming 200 guests, 20 tables give or take...
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    edited June 2012
    175 guest including children and Small babies who will be on laps. 

    Our tables are rectangle 6ft table that fit 6 at a table. 28 tables.

    Then there is 5 more tables for the dj, the bar, cake, guestbook-gift table, and our table. 
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