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Mason drinking jars

Are anyother ladies out there using mason jars in their wedding?  My fiance and I are looking to purchase somewhere between 120-150, however they are impossible to find for a decent price. 
Every site that I have found wants close to $100 for shipping alone!  Any leads anyone has on these little guys would be great!  They do not need to be matching!
Thanks ladies!

Re: Mason drinking jars

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    Ahhh...mason jars.  I originally wanted to have them only for our bridesmaids and groomsmen, so my mom went to the Dollar Tree and picked up 12.  Then I reconfigured the seating so that everyone's sig. others could sit with them, and I needed more mason jars.  Of course, when I went back to the Dollar Tree, they didn't have any.

    I'm a part-time grad student, so I was able to sign up for the student version of Amazon Prime.  It includes FREE two-day shipping.  I ordered a case (12) of Libbey County Fair mason drinking jars for about $20.  For whatever reason, the shipping took more than two days, but hey - it was free.  It's not as good of a deal as finding them at Dollar Tree ($1 each and no shipping), but it's not too bad.  If you're not a student, try a free trial of Amazon Prime, get the free shipping, and then be sure to cancel before the trial is up!  (Keep in mind that the item has to be sold by Amazon, not a third party, for it to be eligible for the Prime free shipping.)

    Here is a link to one of the Prime-eligible cases of mason drinking jars:

    Good luck! 

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