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Central New York

Really dumb post office question...

Heyyyyyy guys! I've been MIA forever. My laptop decided to break and I couldn't get it fixed for 2 weeks, and then if you can believe it I totally forgot my password for TK. And apparently used an old email address when I orginally signed up so I couldn't get it sent to me. After a couple weeks I was surfing the web and I suddenly remembered my password! So random. And weird.

Anyway...this is going to sound ridiculously dumb, but I have NEVER sent anything from the post office! How does this work? I'm trying to send out my STD's next week, I'm sending exactly 100. Do I just go in, and they give me the correct postage? They're postcards. I'm a baby....Embarassed
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Re: Really dumb post office question...

  • Sorry for the duplicate!! TK is being really weird. I posted it once and it never showed up on the board.
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  • I just mailed my save the dates on Monday. I went to the post office and the lady made me buy the appropriate amount of stamps, then had me go off and stamp them all myself and toss them in the blue box on my out. It was pretty easy, other than being kind of annoying that she made me stamp them all. I thought they had a machine they ran things through to stamp. Oh well.

    I'm Courtney, by the way (I'm a newbie =P) 

    Welcome back!
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  • Welcome back! I was wondering where you disappeared to!

    So wow- you've never been in a post office. That's crazy!!! But you can do one of two things. 1) You can bring them all in and have the person at the desk ring each one up individually. This might take time for them and the people standing behind you in line might get peeved.  OR  2) the logical option which is bring one in and have them weigh it and give you the cost of postage for each one. Then just buy what you need and stick the stamps on at home. Then take all of them back to the post office and just stick them in the mail. I always hand deliver mine to the person at the desk. I'm paranoid.

    This is what I did for our STD's and it worked just fine. We didn't have an abnormal size envelope or anything. Just make sure you get the correct postage the first time. Some ladies have had theirs weighed and given a cost per stamp, later to find that there is an additional cost for handling, etc. Since you are using postcards, you probably won't have a problem.

    GOOD LUCK and have fun with your first post office visit!!!
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  • edited March 2012

    You sent out your STD's over a year in advance!?!?

    I don't mean to sound rude (I promise, I'm just curious because we JUST sent ours out and we have 4 months to go!), it just seems, early? Are you having a DW?

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  • That's ok, I don't think it's rude of you to ask! No we're not having a destination wedding. But ALL of my fiance's family is coming from far away (Iowa, Mississippi, Tennesse, Australia, Minnesota. He only has one aunt and uncle in NY and they're older and probably wont make it). We wanted to make sure they had some advance notice since they'll all end up making like a week long vaction out of their trip due to the extensive traveling involved. We also sent out save the date magnets, so people could stick them to their fridge and not lose them or throw them out. 

    We've already been engaged a while and are trying to get some of the bigger thing out of the way earlier so we hopefully wont have as much to do when it gets closer. I don't know if that's possible, but that's what we're going for. 
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  • Gotcha! That makes sense!
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