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AW: Finally a stroke of genius!

So when first planning the wedding ideas came to me left and right but the last few months I've been seriously I'm back on the horse... right on time less than 2 months to go!

New Ideas...
- Make personalized coloring books & pumpkin shaped crayons for my ring bearers (2 1/2 year old cousins)
- Make vellum circle table #'s with votive candles in the middle. Most likely a feather patter or match the pattern on the invites to them
- instead of dying my crinoline and risk the color running or showing through... sewing layers to the inside of different colors.
- Grooms cake = me and one of my MOH making a variety of cupcakes decorated with a halloween theme (wedding is 10.30 & RD is 10.29)

Now can I get them all done??

Re: AW: Finally a stroke of genius!

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    That is a lot of very creative stuff!  I'm rootin' for ya - hopefully your next month and a half goes slower than my last month and a half!  I just spent two hours scanning in line drawings from a vintage tree ID book, then pasting them and printing them on my table cards (we're having a very outdoorsy-themed wedding).  I love the coloring book idea...but how on earth will you make pumpkin shaped crayons?  (Gotta's 12:30am and my brain isn't 100%, but I'm trying to imagine myself USING pumpkin shaped crayons and I feel like there would DEFINITELY be some coloring outside the lines.)  Wink

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    Haha thanks! Well the boys i'm making them for are only 2 1/2 so there would be a lot of coloring out of the lines anyway. 
    Making them is actually super easy... you just cut crayons into chunks put them in a cookie mold and bake for 15 minutes. Let them solidify completely and pop out. if they stick put it in the freezer and they come right out! luckily there are a million pumpkin cookie molds out there :) Lets hope I dont drive myself nuts!
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