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so lost!! wedding location ideas please!

We were originally going to have our wedding summer 2013. Well, we've just decided to bump it up to the end of this coming summer..july/aug 2012. The catch? A huge budget decrease. Which i'm fine with! It's extremly hard to find a wedding/reception area for a good price though!!

Right now the only place I have in mind is Tioga Gardens in Owego. I'm just nervous because its summer and this place is outdoors. We plan on having the wedding outside but id RATHER have the reception inside. (unless those rent able tents come with AC?) Anyways, does anyone have anything in mind to suggest? Was hoping someone out there knows of some hidden gems that don't come up in google search:)

BINGHAMTON area only. willing to go south into PA but not more north as most of our guests are from PA.

(also, someone told me about having a wedding at highland park in endwell, anyone know how that would work out??)
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Re: so lost!! wedding location ideas please!

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    theres the owego treadway inn since youre going to be close to there...
    also if your wedding is on the smaller side theres this place in endicott called endicott vistors center and i think its realllly nice
    if your wedding is bigger theres the Mckinley in holds a lot of people and its really nice, its the old IBM cafeteria but you would never know
    there is also traditions at the glenn in johnson city, but that is kind of far from owego
    and then in binghamton theres:
    the binghamton club,
    terra cotta (where im having mine)
    grand royal
    riverwalk hotel (which is realllly nice now)
    and the holiday inn

    i hope i helped!
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