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onto indoor picture locations

Thanks to everyone that responded to my post about the outdoor picture locations, I misunderstood where onondaga park was and was talking to a bridesmaid about it and she insisted we go and look at it, and that's where we are going to take pictures!!   I just hope it's open on our date and not reserved.  Thank you all

Second, sorry about the repost about outdoor locations.  I'm less than 3 weeks out to the wedding and apparently VERY forgetful :)

Third, so I'm wondering if the weather is going to be glum and rainy like today, so I was thinking about inside locations and my BM and I couldn't think of many.  Honestly, I don't care if we go to chuck e cheese's, but in the event that doesn't work I should have a backup.  THoughts?

Hope everyone's planning is going well!

Re: onto indoor picture locations

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    Indorr could be tough around here... where is your ceremony?  Reception? 
    Hmm... I would just check with some of the larger buildings (mostly hotels I would guess) in and around Syracuse... They may have some good shots, but you would have to make sure that they aren't booked with other weddings.
    Maybe check inot some buildings on the SU Campus... they have some old, really beautiful architecture...
    I totally love the Chuck-e-cheese idea!!!  I told Kev that I wanted to take pictures at a mini golf course... I thought it would be so unique and cute... he disagreed... I am still working on it, lol.
    Umm... I will keep thinking and look around during work tomorrow (I work downtown).  I will let you know if I come up with anything.
    This is a tough one... good luck!
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    Yay! I'm glad you're using Onondaga Park, we are too! I grew up in the neighborhood and am getting married down the street from there! If you call city parks, they will be able to tell you if it's booked or not. I think it's like $25 or $30 to reserve it for pictures. As for indoor, I'm curious to hear ideas too. We're getting married Oct 22 and there is a good possibility that it could be crappy that day. We'll probably do just inside the church if the weather doesn't cooperate because we'll only have an hour.
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    KD--Onondaga park is already booked, but we are going to do a "driveby" and see if people are there.  If not we are going to steal a few pictures there (I don't even care about the gazebo, which is usually the piece people reserve) I really like the boathouse and the awesome brick bridge and the willows.  If there ARE people there, we are going to go two lefts and a right down to Elmwood Park.  I went there and there are some nice rustic locations with bridges and stairways and stuff.  We only have 30 minutes in the church after ceremony before we have to be out for confession to start...

    I figured that I should be prepared with indoor locations with CNY weather :)

    For the record, my fiancee thinks Chuck e cheese is crazy.  and veto'd it immediately :)
    Thanks everyone!
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