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Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to find florists in the Utica/Syrause NY Area for my Oct wedding that isn't going to cost me a lot of money, If any one know of anyplaces please let me know! Thank you!
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Re: Looking for Florists

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    Well, I can tell you who NOT to use in syracuse.  Floral Gardens in Cicero.  I know some people have had a good experience with her but I didn't.  She was a complete bitch to my fiancee when he called and asked for some changes and ranted and raved that if she had my signed contract back she would take me to court for the rest of the money; she's just out for money not out to help a bride.  I didn't end up going with him, but the guy at Creative florist was great.  I really liked him but I just ended up going in a different direction.  And just so you know, Wegmans was beautiful but not at ALL cheaper.  good luck!
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    I used The Backyard Garden in Fayetteville. They did a beautiful job and I think I paid a pretty fair price. I worked with Nino. I hope that helps!
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    We are using Oneida Floral.  I believe the lady's name is Lisa.  She does beautiful work and it's relatively inexpencive.  For all of our flowers we are only paying $500.  Florists in the Syracuse area seem to be pretty expensive.
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    We're using Wegman's in Dewitt. I thought their prices were very reasonable and they have a ton of options. Very friendly, too.
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    Hope I'm not too late- I don't come on this board much. Coriale in Utica was absolutely amazing!!! Ask for Tino.
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    DO NOT GO TO WESTCOTT FLORIST on Wescott Street in Syracuse. The man did not listen to or care about my opinion, he could not give me a straight answer about what things cost, could not show me a portfolio of his work and all in all was tacky as hell. Meeting with him was such a waste of time and gas.
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    I'm going with creative florists in Liverpool. I'm going very simple on the flowers - just daisies. But I'm getting 15 centerpieces for around 500 bucks.
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    St. Agnes Florist in Syracuse has been awesome so far!
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