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Tongue outSoo... as in the post below, last night I was bound and determined to order A dress.  I went home, checked off the "order a dress" box on my checklist and dutifully began to delete other pictures from my camera.  I got to the Casablanca 1859 that I have really secretly loved from the beginning... and the waterworks began.  I was so upset (and mad at myself) that I didn't go with this one.
Soo... whaah whaah all night- Kevin was going insane... I called NYB first thing this morning and left a rambling message begging them to cancel my order.  I t was not the dress I wanted... I was just frustrated and wanted to order something.  I wanted a different dress.  Then I anxiously waited til 10 when the store opened and called back.
Torey was so amazingly sweet and understanding.  She said it was a good thing I called today, it wouldn't be a problem at all to change the order... super accomodating.  She made me feel a little less crazy and totally relaxed.
Everything is all set now.  Casablanca 1859 has been ordered.  Woohoo!!!!

Mission (finally) accomplished!!! 
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