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Wedding Update Wednesday

I'm sure you guys are busy with the holiday season... but hopefully some of you are checking things off your wedding to do list.  :)

This week I...
1. Sent out info for grooms to get fitted with a deadline...
2. Am sooo close to being done addressing my STDs (waiting on THREE more addresses...)
3. Finished my DIY pocketfold invitation envelopes -- I got a score board (Martha Stewart) on sale at AC Moore and it made it soooo much faster.  I wish I got it when I started!
4. Started pricing places for printing my invitations
5. Made an appt for my planner to see the reception hall for beginning of January so we can start figuring out decor
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Re: Wedding Update Wednesday

  • We looked at wedding bands on Saturday while out shopping, and FI almost purchased one.  I think we'll go back and get it though.  I'm probably going to order a simple platinum band online.  That's it from me, holidays and work are taking over my life right now.
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  • Met with our DJ, Nathan from Fingerlakes Entertainment, for our first planning appointment. He is wonderful - knowledgeable, professional and has great ideas. He was the DJ at one of my best friend's wedding so I've seen him in action and would recommend him to anyone.

    Setting appointments for tomorrow to try on bridesmaid dresses with my Maid of Honor. I found one a month or so ago that everyone likes but with so much time left, I think we can find one that everyone loves!
  • Just received shipping confirmation on our 256 mason jar mug favors! They'll be here next week, hopefully all in one piece!!

    Also tried on my dress for all the ladies in my family and FI's family. They all had nice things to say!

    Hit the 5 month mark on Monday- need to get moving big time on things like flowers and invitations!
  • We picked up FI's wedding band and the other two BM dresses! All the BM dresses are in and I'm so excited!

    I spoke with our florist briefly, and because she's located literally right next to the venue, she works closely with them and will help serve as a day of coordinator! She also does all the ordering for the decor and will help plan everything from the flowers to table linens to cake table, etc. She's wonderful!

    Otherwise, we don't really have much to do until after the holidays :-) We do, however, really need to get on the STD's ASAP! I am off for the next two weeks so we'll work on that during vaca!
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  • Last BM dress came in, picked up FI's band, had a cake tasting....although decided not to go with this particular baker. She made cakes out of her house, which is fine, but her house smelled like smoke. Yuck. The search continues....
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  • I actually have some wedding checks this week!
    -I booked a make-up artist, hair stylist, and florist.
    -I reopened negotiations with the letterpress print shop for designing my invitations. I think I can squeak by my budget if I just letterpress the invite and DIY the coordinating pieces. I looked up how to make my own pocketfolds, but now I think I like the stacked/wrapped in baker's twine look better. Althoug, I did just have someone show me a pocketfold invite as "the most impressive wedding invite they've ever received"...
    -I finished my "dancing shoes" baskets

    The poem says "If your feet get tired and sore, grab a pair and dance some more!"
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