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So... I got my tickets in the mail the other day for the "A Perfect Bridal Show" that will be happening this October.  Weird... I didn't order tickets... I guess because I attended the last one this past April they assumed I would like to come again.
Anyway... I am wondering if anyone else went in April to the one at The Links... what did you think?  Are you going again?

I will be perfectly honest... I was disappointed.  I pictured lots and lots of cool stuff to check out... tons of vendors... tons of options.  What I got was 2 photographers... 2 cake/cupcake people... 2 travel agents... 2 dress people... 2 limo companies... and a tupperware lady (weird, right?)
I was so new to the whole wedding planning thing and prepared to be totally overwhelmed with shiny stuff and presentations and brochures and choices. 

I dunno... I guess I just thought it would have been bigger.  I grew up in Orlando and our conventions/shows are monsterous... it could take you more than a day or two to check everything out.

I am wondering if anyone has been to a really rocking bridal show... the kind that have you walking away with so many different ideas and "wow that was cool"'s that your head is spinning.  I have most everything (or so I think right now... ha) nailed down that I would like to do for my big day, but I love checking out new stuff and looking at what else is out there.  I would love to attend a bridal show would get my mind wandering again.  If for nothing else than entertainment.

Has anyone been to a really great brodal show lately?  Know of any coming up?

If all else fails, would anyone be interested in meeting up before or after the bridal show in October?  Maybe lunch or drinks or something?  Like a little Syracuse Knottie GTG??  What do you think?
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Re: Bridal Show

  • C*MiaC*Mia member
    edited December 2011
    I went to one at drivers village last january and it was a good size. not as big as i expected but more vendors than you described. I got all my big stuff done actually. I was chatting with my photog about it and she said she doesn't even go to any shows except january because the others don't drum up enough biz.

    I only have 2 months left so if anyone needs advice in the syracuse area just ask! :) i have talked with more vendors and local people than i even imagined and had about 4 to go to this year and was in one. i'm in wedding hell :)
  • rraven2718rraven2718 member
    edited December 2011
    I went to the one at Driver's Village and enjoyed that one. I also enjoyed the one at the On Center downtown. The next On Center one is Sunday, January 9, 2011. As with C*Mia, I have about 2 months left and have spoken with many vendors myself, let me know if you are looking for something specific.
  • edited December 2011
    The drivers village one is the biggest in Syracuse. I did get some ideas and vendors from there. I agree that the bridal shows around here aren't that great. I'm in the Syracuse area and my wedding is in 3 weeks, so I can also help if anyone has questions.
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  • PeanutsCLPeanutsCL member
    edited December 2011
    I went to the perfect bridal show last October at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool. It was really good! The vendors there were telling me that the ones in the spring are usually much smaller. I didn't go there for ideas though. I was on a mission - find a photographer. There were at least 10 different booths there, and I'm very happy with who I found. They had a dress fashion show (I'd already had my dress, so I didn't go to that). I also got a deal for my groomsmen at the Men's Warehouse booth.

    There were probably 4-5 bakeries, a lots of florists, many DJ's, a few coordinators, and a handful of other specialty items. It was a fun thing to do with my mom. I'd reccomend it - just make sure you give them a junk email address because I definitely get more syracuse-related spam now.
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