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Another Newbie!

Hi all!

I've been lurking on the international boards since I got engaged and though I'd check out the local boards! I'm getting married on July 2, 2011 in Pittsford, NY :-)

My Fi and I are 25 and met in the bar in college where he was a bouncer! We're excited to get planning.

Can't wait to share ideas with everyone!!

Re: Another Newbie!

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    Welcome & congrats!!! My wedding was scheduled for July of 2011 but we recently switched it to October of this year!
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    congrats! we are getting married at Monroe Golf club in pittsford!
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    Congrats! I'm a newbie too and also an October 2011! :)
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    There is also a WNY broad as well! You might want to check that out! It doesn't get much traffic but it seems to be both Rochester and Buffalo. Congrats!

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