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My mom called me this morning to let me know that my stepdad's mother has written a check to fully pay for my wedding dress! I am shocked and taken back by how sweet and kind this is (I rarely see her)! This will really help us out financially, too.

So now I officially have the venue booked, the photographer, the DJ, the flowers are taken care of, and my save the date's have been ordered. And now the dress (I already tried on many and have one picked out). I think the rest can wait a few months, can I breathe now?!
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Re: woo!

  • sbolger17sbolger17 member
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    Congrats!!  You can definitely breathe now! 

    Have you started thinking about an officiant?
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    [QUOTE]Congrats!!  You can definitely breathe now!  Have you started thinking about an officiant?
    Posted by sbolger17[/QUOTE]

    yes, and I need reccomendations! I really don't know where to start with that one. We are having an outdoor, non-religious ceremony. I have no idea where to find an officiant.
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  • bitofritsbitofrits member
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    That's a lot off your plate.  :)  Definitely feel free to take a breather, haha. 
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    That's great!! And what a wonderful surprise about the dress!

    You have also reminded me that I have to order our save the dates.. !
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  • Happily9Happily9 member
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    That is wonderful news!!  You are one lucky girl!  I would agree with Sarah and say officiant next...but a big breather is in order! 

  • kks4471kks4471 member
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    What a great gift, congrats!  It's so nice to check things off the list :)

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    Wow!!  That is really sweet and generous of her!  And congrats on all the checks.  I am no help with an officiant, but I'm sure a few of the girls on here will have some great suggestions
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