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oh my! and Wedding Update Wednesday

7 months from today! Eeeek!!! Any other May 19th brides out there??

Also since it is the crack of dawn and Lorna probably isn't on yet- What did everyone accomplish this week? (Sorry to take your job this week Lorna!)
  • figured out a miscellaneous expenses budget (yikes!)
  • booked a hair person
  • booked hotel rooms
  • looked at suits for FI
  • scheduled flower consultation
  • checked out our table setting
  • got a quote for our wedding favors
  • upgraded photo package (ahh!)
Hmm guess I was pretty busy! 7 months is a long time and yet not long at all!!!!

Everyone have a great day!

Re: oh my! and Wedding Update Wednesday

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    Yesterday was my 10 month mark! I haven't accomplished anything really, especially compared to you. I contacted a photographer, but we haven't officially booked anything yet. Also started working on STDs.....just for practice, as I think it's too early to send them out yet.

    Today is my "Thursday"....I hope everyone has a splendid day!

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    That's ok! We can totally share! I have plenty of time between now and my wedding to enjoy the responsibility :)

    1. Lucas decided we should write down our preliminary guest lists-- proud of him *happy tear*-- you know, of all of the "must haves," family pretty much. Aaaand of course, Lucas has already told ALL of his intended groomsmen that he wants them to be in the bridal party plus one extra person than we agreed, so, I figure we should outline the VIPs sooner rather than later.... before it continues to grow.

    2. Ordered free Vistaprint STDs, with the May 2013 date that he refuses to "decide" on; rather, he's say we've "decided to plan" for that date. I think he's just nervous/anxious about it but so far we've chugging along so I'm not too-too worried about his apprehension.

    3. We changed our minds about our last name. Originally we decided to both hypenate, Myname-Hisname, but then I realized how much I want to be a Hisname, and I want our kids to be Hisnames. We agreed that my last name will become my middle name and the second middle name of our kids :) which might bear some reconsideration with our boys, since, my last name is a flower... lol
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    One of my bridesmaids was visiting... they're ALL out of town... :(  
    I had her try on the dress and she really liked it, so I guess the bridesmaids dress is SET!  wooo hooo (FINALLY!!)  Now I just have to look up stores in their areas for them to order their dresses.

    This week was Halloween-planning week, not really wedding-planning week, haha.
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    I picked up and paid off my veil!! Also picked up 3/6 BM's dresses!

    We scheduled our engagement photo session for this Saturday which we're super excited about. I've played around with save-the-dates, but I'm waiting for the engagement photos to see if we want to include any pics on the STD's.

    The guest list is "finalized", but I think each family needs to review once more, just to be sure. Otherwise, it's there!

    Oh- and we are at 8 months, 2 weeks!
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    I just had my 8 month mark on Sunday, it's so exciting to be down another month!  FI finally gave me his coworker's addresses, so today I'm mailing out the last STDs.  I feel very accomplished that those are out to every guest now.   We went to Boston on Saturday to look at invitations in person... wayyy too expensive.  They charged extra for the envelopes too!  Thank goodness Wedding Paper Divas does not.  So that adventure is still going on haha.
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